In addition to everyday flights into numerous European cities, the main Slovenian international airport Jože Pučnik Ljubljana also hosts two low-cost airliners. You can also fly to any one of the foreign airports in close proximity to the country and take a bus, hired car or train to Slovenia. The low-cost carrier GoOpti is offering transport services from Jože Pučnik Ljubljana Airport and nearby airports to Slovenia.


Only the Slovenian Railways trains utilize Slovenian railway tracks, all timetables and price lists are published on their website. You can purchase your ticket at every train station or even on the train (surcharges apply). Arrivals and departures of Slovenian trains depend on the timetable.


You can take the bus to take you to most places and to the countryside. If they drive on local roads, bus drivers may stop at bus stops in every town. You can purchase bus tickets from bus drivers. Larger bus stations even allow you to purchase your ticket in advance for a specific date.

Car (from Italy, Austria, Hungary or Croatia)

The fastest car travel in Slovenia is via Slovenian motorways, for which you need a valid vignette. Do not risk driving on motorways without this sticker because the fines are very high. You can purchase a vignette at every petrol station. Daytime lights are obligatory for cars when travelling by day, the maximum allowed blood alcohol content is 0.5 promille. Because alcohol checks among drivers are frequent, it is recommended not to drink any alcohol when driving. Petrol stations and services are approx. 30 km apart and are open 24 hours a day. Many petrol stations can also be found in cities and smaller towns. In the event of a car breakdown, you can call AMZS for help. Just dial 1987. You can rent a car from specialised agencies if you are at least 21 years of age and have a valid driver’s license of at least two years. Some car rent agencies require additional payments for young drivers aged 21 to 25 years. Speed limits:

  • within towns 40-50 km/h
  • regional roads 90 km/h
  • expressways 100 km/h
  • motorways 130 km/h

Public transport

The Thermana Park Laško Hotel is located in close proximity to the city centre, just 15 minutes of walking distance through the health park. You can walk to the immediate surroundings or rent a bicycle. You can also take the bus or train for trips around the area. The bus station is located next to the hotel, while the train station is about 300m from the hotel.


Thermana has agreed favourable prices with its contracting taxi service.

Taxi fares from the airport and back can be ordered when booking your room. The price of transportation for three people from Jože Pučnik Airport Ljubljana to Laško costs €120.00, Zagreb – Laško €120, Graz – Laško €140 and Trieste – Laško €180

During your stay at the hotel, you can order a taxi ride at the hotel reception desk. The price of a fare to Celje, for example, is EUR 10-12.00 € (15km).

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